Talking Art With Mrs. Ahlers... From Home!

by Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn caught up with Mrs. Ahlers and asked her a couple questions, checking in to see how she is handling working from home...


What is the hardest part about teaching from home and why?

The hardest part of teaching from home is that I can’t enjoy the 1-on-1 conversations about artwork with my students (you!) while they make it. I don’t get to see the artwork in progress. But the best part of teaching from home is receiving ALL of your ART! I am the luckiest person because I open my computer to see the most gorgeous and happy thing anyone could ask for in these difficult times… ART!


What is the thing most different about staying at home?

The thing that is most different about staying at home is not seeing all of you and your smiles and fun jokes each day! I miss my students so much! It’s hard to imagine not working with the 5th graders again, and I can’t wait for the day we’re all back together again!


Would you rather be stuck at school, or stuck at home?

Because I don’t think I’d want to sleep on my Art Room tables… I think I’d rather be stuck at home - haha!


What do you do at your house for fun during all of this?

I just bought a new house so I’ve been having lots of fun painting the walls and designing my very own Art Studio where I get to make Art at home! The walls are purple (my favorite) and yellow and I have my art hanging up all around!

Mrs. Ahlers misses creating art with her students in person, but she is still helping students imagine and create through her website and the Art Challenge: Opposites!

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