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Movin' and Groovin'

 With Buddy

Join Buddy as he swims, runs, and jumps!  Can you follow his moves?

You Can Be A Reporter!

Surprise Call From Buddy!

Being part of the newspaper is fun!  Buddy wants to join too!

Buddy's Kitchen:

Making Rainbow Soft Dough!

Buddy's cooking up some science in his kitchen - making soft dough.

Mail-A-Hug With Buddy

Even though we can't be with all our loved ones, we can always send them a BIG hug... in the mail!

Draw A Puppy With Buddy

Buddy loves to draw, and in this video he learns to draw a puppy!  Join him and draw one too!

See The World With Buddy!

Join Buddy as he travels to see different places and things, all with the power of books!

Messages To Buddy

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Ellaha: When are we coming back to school i am crying πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­β€

Buddy: Ellaha, I am also sad I cannot see everyone.  We are starting our summer break in a few days.  We will all see each other again after summer!  Hang in there!  Things will woofy get better!


Ellaha: Tomorrow is EID al-fitr It is when muslim celebration it you get yummy food and play games and get presents from adult to kids πŸ‡¦πŸ‡«πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆβ€

Buddy: Woofy thank you for telling me about it!  I love learning about everyone's celebrations!  I hope you have a woofy great time!


Anonymous:  Hi buddy I miss Bridgeway a lot so I hope you're doing well and safe

Buddy: That is woofy nice of you to ask!  I am doing well.  I woofy miss you too, but I am paw-sitive we will all see each other soon!


Ellaha: Buddy, i have a Joke: Donut come here get it 🍩 donuts hahahaahhaah

Buddy: Woofy ha! ha!


Norma: Hi Buddy

Buddy: Woof!  Woof! Hi Norma!


Skylar: Hey Buddy do you want to hear a joke? If so, what is a dragon's favorite snack? fire crackers. πŸ‰ πŸ”₯ do you have one?

Buddy: Woofy ha! ha!  My tail is really wagging with that one!  Here's one for you:  Why are fish so smart?  Because they live in schools!!


Ellaha: Where can you buy: Glue activator glitter and shaving cream?

Buddy: Woofy-doo-da... you must be thinking about slime! Those are items that Mom Bulldog gets  can get at grocery stores, or Target, Walmart, Dollar Tree, Walgreens... probably other too.


Eleanor: Hi Buddy hows it going its okay for me πŸΆπŸ˜ƒ

Buddy: Woofy hi, Eleanor!  I'm woofing along!  I can't believe the school year is ending already.  It feels different, but I am determined to end it strong!  You can do it!


Jack: hi, buddy. how are you doing???????????????????????????????????????????????????


Buddy: Woofy-wow! Those are a lot of ?????????????  I am gRRRRRRRReat!  How are you???


Ellaha: Buddy ty for liking the note i send to mrs.senzig BRIDGEWAY LOVES YOU BUDDY

Buddy: Woof - You are Welcome!  I LOVE YOU!


Ellaha: Dear buddy my brother wants to see your face he loves dogs he is 2 years old he LOVES bulldogs love Ellaha

Buddy: Woofy-roo!  That is so nice of your brother!  You can always see me in my videos!  Up above I have some for you to watch!


Bailey: Hi! (hand wave)

Buddy: Woof! (paw wave)


Kennedy: Can we all try to have a google meet with every bulldog student?

Buddy: Woof-a-roni!  That would be fun!!  I don't know if google meets can have that many students on at one time!  If we have a family trivia night again, that would be a good time to see a lot of Bridgeway families at one time!


Ellaha: I am always worried about my dad because he works the whole day because he has a big job.

Buddy: That is so woofy loving of you to care about your dad so much!  Give him a big hug when you see him.  He will be ok.  He loves you too!


Sami: I hope this is Coronavirus is over soon I really want to go to Bridgeway and I really miss Bridgeway

Buddy: It will all be over soon!  I think about Rylan's song that she wrote for Bridgeway.  It will all be ok.... we can stay connected through Seesaw and our newspaper! Thank you for writing to me!


Kimora: I miss you so much I hope I see you soon

Buddy: I woofy miss you too!  Write to me any time!  We will see each other again soon!


Skylar: Hi Buddy what is you favorite game, emoji, and show? Love you! πŸ’—

Buddy: Woofy Woofy Woo!  I Love You!  Thank you for your message!  I love playing tag, and my favorite emoji is a heart!  My favorite show is Paw Patrol!!


Ellaha: How do you make a video on this Website page? My brother ripped my Mother's Day card now i am sad. I made 4 things on moms day

Buddy: Woofy-woof.  On this website you can watch some videos, but not make them.  Your mom will be happy with whatever you give her - if you give her a great Big Hug and tell her how much you love her, she will be so happy! (and maybe clean up your room)


Ellaha: Buddy i am excited because it is almost Mother's Day it is in 5 more days

Buddy: Woof-a-roo!  Give your mom a BIG, BIG hug from me!!!


Abigail: Thank u for teaching me to make dough

Buddy: Woof! Woof! I am so glad you liked it!  You are welcome!!


Justin: I love Bridgeway!!!!!!!!

Buddy: Bridgeway Loves You!!!!!!!


Ellaha: ARE YOU EXCITED ABOUT MOTHER'S DAY and make sure to wash your hands every 10 Seconds i hope the virus 🦠 stops next year

Buddy: Woof-a r-ooni, YES!  Mother's Day is important to me!  I Love Mom Bulldog!  Thank you for reminding me to wash my paws every day!


Esther: Stay safe Healthy wash your hand

Buddy: Woofy- yes!  Good advice, Esther!


London: When do we go Back to school πŸ€”

Buddy: You have a great question.  I wish I knew the exact answer.  All I know is that we will go back when it's the woof-healthiest time for us to go back.  Pattonville wants to make sure we all stay healthy.


Golden: How do you make a comic here?

Buddy: I always love a hooowl-ing good comic!  I would love to read yours!  You need to tell a grown up at home to email Mrs. Fernandez at jfernandez@psdr3.org



Buddy: Woof! Woof!  I miss you too, Skylar!  That's a woof-tastic question!  I like to talk to friends, write letters to students, READ, bake yummy dog treats, and get outside!  I also sometimes watch movies!  I hope you are doing well!


Edgar: Dear buddy i am bord

Buddy: Woofy-no-no... not the "bored" word!  Here are some things I do if I start to feel bored...  clean up some toys, color or draw, get outside, practice making balloon animals, make a new recipe or an old favorite one (I love fresh dog treats), READ, write letters to students, dig for bones, invent a new game, and I LOVE doing ALL the Fun Friday Choice Board activities!


Bailey:  Hi

Buddy: Woof!


Ayla: I miss you buddy

Buddy: Woof Woof, Ayla!  I miss you too!  We will see each other again soon, and all our friends!  Tell me something you're reading!


Mrs. Snowden: Buddy, I miss all of my Bridgeway teacher and student friends. How can I get through this time when I miss them so much?

Buddy: Woof!  Hello there.  This is a difficult time for many of us.  We miss our school and friends.  I try to keep busy with school work, getting outside, helping around at home and doing crafts.  I also call friends and family that I can't see.  I love writing letters to friends and family too!  Have you gotten some from me?


Peyton: Where did you get the Whoopi cushion?

Buddy: Did you like my Woofie cushion, I mean Whoopie cushion joke with Dr. Casner? I hope it made you smile!  I think Mom Bulldog got it in the store where nothing costs more than a dollar!


Jaden: Buddy the bulldog, you’re so cool!

Buddy: Woofy woof woof!!  That made me so happy - thank you!  You're so cool too, Jaden!!


Aryam: What is your favorite color?

Buddy: Hoooowwwwllll are you?  I love all colors, but especially love dog treat colors.  They make me think of yummy snacks.  I heard your favorite color is teal - a woof-tastic color!


Kennedy:  Ok miss you brigeway bulldogs and you too buddy the bulldog!!!

Buddy: Woof!  Woof!  Miss you too!  Bridgeway Bulldogs Rock!


Christian: I had a good time enjoying fun Friday

Buddy: Hoooowwwllll!  Yippee!!  I am so happy to hear that!  I wonder what fun choices you did?


Isabella: Hi Buddy thank you for the seeds. What are you doing to stay busy?

Buddy: You are very welcome!  I really love flowers.  They smell woof-tastic!  I keep busy by taking walks, reading, dancing, howling, and making art.  I'm learning science experiments too!  My favorite thing to read are messages from students like you!


Abraham: How are you doing?

Buddy: Abraham, I am doing woof-ily well, but I miss everyone.  I keep myself busy by reading every day, getting outside to run and jump, playing music and counting my numbers.  I also am making fun drawings for art! I am working on opposite things today!


Daisy: I missed Bridgeway so much.

Buddy: Bridgeway misses you too - woof woof!  We will be back to school soon.  Remember to keep working on school at home so you keep growing your brain!  Tell me something you're reading!


Izzy: I miss every one so muchπŸ˜—

Buddy: Me too, but hang in there!  Everything will get better soon.  Remember... I'm thinking about you, and so is everyone at Bridgeway!  Woof Woof!


Ellaha: Do you have a family or do you watch Kidz bop uk?

Buddy: Woof!  I have a Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa Bulldog.  I also have students who are kind of like my brothers and sisters.  I love KidzBop!  My favorite is Whoomp There It Is!  I have great moves - check out my video called "Moovin and Groovin with Buddy!"in the section above.


Zohra: Do you like applesauce?

Buddy: Woofy-woof I do!  I especially like it with cinnamon... yummmy yum!


Ellaha: How is your day been going so far I miss school i even forgotten my bffs names LOL!

Buddy: I'm doing woof-i-riffic, but of course I miss my bulldog pups - all the students!  How are you?  You will see your friends back at Bridgeway soon! 


Anonymous: Buddy I miss school and what is your fav color?

Buddy: Hoooowl... I miss school too, but I know we will be back before long!  Hmmmm... my favorite color is the same color as dog treats!


Daniela: I love you Buddy!

Buddy: Woofy woof woof!!  You just made me smile really BIG from ear to ear!  I LOVE you too and ALL my Bulldog pups - the students!


Kyra:  Hi Buddy I miss you so much And I miss school.

Buddy: Kyra, I miss you too, and school!  We will all be together again soon - my doggy paw honor!


"Drone" Isaiah: Hi Buddy, We miss seeing you at school but I can still talk to you on the bulldog voice website!!

Buddy: Absolute-a-woofy!  We can stay connected through the newspaper website!  I miss seeing all my bulldogs at school, but I am super-woofer proud of every single one of you for learning in new ways from home!


Bailey: Thanks again for the seeds I really enjoyed them. I already planted them in my backyard and Justin said thank you too. I hope you're staying safe and enjoying to talk to your families on the phone or anything else like that.

Buddy: Woof-a-roo!  Hi Bailey!  I am so happy you and Justin enjoyed the seeds, and even happier to hear that you planted them!  I am staying safe and connecting through videos... look for more to come the rest of this school year!


Zoelle: How long have you been at Bridgeway?

Buddy: Woof, woof.  I've been at Bridgeway since I was a cute little puppy!  Boy was I cute!  (nothing has changed, right?)


Kennedy: Will we stay in the grade that we are now and not move on or yes?

Buddy: Hi Kennedy, that's a woof-a-riffic question - I asked Dr. Casner about this one.  He said, "most bulldogs will be moving to the next grade level".


Golden: Next year will you be at school next year?

Buddy: Woof!  (Yes!)  I can't wait to see everyone again!


Devin: Are you OK?

Buddy: Devin, thank you for asking.  I am doing woof-a-rifficly, but I miss everyone!


Alexander: Hello.

Buddy: Woof,  Alexander!

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