Mrs. Adams and Buddy Reconnect! by Buddy
Listen to a Rose Acres student talk about her experiences learning from home.
Listen to a Bridgeway student describe how she is learning from home to stay ahead!
Meet Bailey's Newest Member Of The Family! by Bailey
Rylan Writes A Song For BW by Sophia
Bridgeway Bulldog Learners Of The Week: Home Learning!
KP Is Focused On Learning! by Kori
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Mrs. Z Connects With Bridgeway From Florida! by Charlotte and Olivia
Active And Healthy At Home
 Making Slime With Skylar! by Skylar
Our Sights On Summer! by Kori, Bailey, Skylar, Sophia, Jack
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Jack's Facts


Fun, random facts about the world

Did you know?...


T-Rex's teeth were

as big as a banana!








Cows have FOUR stomachs!










The thing on a chicken's head is called a comb.

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For Fun
Fun With Animation
Hot Air Balloon Ride!
Fun With Comics
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5th Grade Scary Camp Stories: With Author Narrations!
 Student Read Alouds: Sharing A Love Of Reading!
Skylar's Creative Writing: The Chalk Is Alive!
Photo and Video Gallery
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Book Reviews
Movie Reviews
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