Catching Up With Mrs. Z From Florida!

by Olivia and Charlotte

Mrs. Z taught at Bridgeway for many years, and retired two years ago.  At that  time she was teaching kindergarten.  Charlotte and Olivia keep in touch with Mrs. Z, and have even visited her in Florida where she currently lives. They recently interviewed her through an email conversation...


Do you like being a middle school teacher in Florida?

Yes! I only thought I was going to sub, but I enjoy my class. Middle school is a fun age.  The weather is a bonus.  It is a lot warmer during fire drills in January.


Do you have any pets?

I have two pets.  Troy is a sweet old boy (mutt) that we have had for a long time.  He is 11.  Piper is a Belgian Malinois that is a service dog for my husband from the VA.  She just finished her program and graduated! They are both great doggos! ❤️


Charlotte and Olivia have visited Mrs. Z in Florida where she is now living with her family... her son, husband and two dogs.

Do you miss Bridgeway?

I miss BW a lot.  I had so many years there with great teachers and great kids.


Which is your favorite - middle school or Kindergarten?

There are positive things about each grade level.  I REALLY miss so many things about kindergarten though.  I like to tell my MS students kindergarten stories.


Are you learning anything new during Quarantine?

I have (like most people) learned how to live in peace with my family for extended periods of time.  That can be challenging!

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