Welcome Peanut!

The Newest Family Member In Bailey's Home

by Bailey

Having a pet can be so much fun!  Pets become part of the family!


Peanut is the newest member in our house.  He is a guinea pig.  We just brought him home today (May 22).  Peanut is 6 months old.  He eats guinea pig food, but also eats lettuce, cucumbers and carrots!


I have a carrier to take him outside and hope to get a leash soon too!

Guinea Pig Fun Facts:


They live between 7 and 9 years.


The oldest guinea pig was 15 years old and is in the Guiness book of records.


Guinea pigs have 4 toes on the forefoot and 3 on the hind foot.


A young guinea pig can run when they are only three hours old.

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