Features: Spring Art Challenge

Art Challenge: Opposites With Mrs. Ahlers

by Sophia

Even though we may not be together at Bridgeway right now, we still can learn and connect with one another online.  Mrs. Ahlers is taking the Art Challenge online so it continues while we are learning from home!


How did you think of the theme opposites for this month?

I came up with the theme awhile ago--like in December! I always try to brainstorm a theme that can have multiple responses from you as the artists! I want YOU to be able to choose what you make Art about and our theme gives us a way to connect all of our art together.


Opposites gives so many options!! Hot/cold, day/night, tall/short, happy/sad, and so many more that our creative artists thought of!


When will we start voting?

We will start voting next Monday, May 4th!!


When does voting end?

Then voting will end on Friday, May 9th.


Do teachers vote too?

Yes!! And guess what?? Parents, family, friends, and Buddy the Bulldog can vote too! We'll be sharing our online Art Gallery with others on Facebook!


What happens if there's a tie?

There can be a tie for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.


Do the winners get a reward?

Yes, but since this is all new to me, I'm still figuring that part out!! ha.


Will you announce the 2nd and 3rd place winners?

Sure! I'll announce winners in a Seesaw video and I'll create a Winner's page on the website too!


(Is there any thing else you want to add that I haven't asked.)

The website also has pictures of students' weekly assignments related to the theme, like Opposite Books and Forwards/Backwards Names. These responses were really fun! Check them out!


When all of my students share their artwork with me, and then I'm able to share it with everyone else on our website, it makes me feel closer to all of them! I love that our Bridgeway Community is still creating art with passion and stunning creativity!




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